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Compact Movable Shelving

Office systems dealer for the top manufacturers of Filing Systems & Supplies, Shelving and Movable Storage Systems for the Washington D.C. area. We sell High Density Mobile Filing Systems, Times-2 Speed Files (Rotary), Quik-Lok Shelving & Cabinets of all Sizes, Wood-Tek, Technical Furniture & Accessories. Compact Movable Shelving Provides Maintenance & Repair of Filing Systems, File Conversions & Moving Existing Filing Systems.

At Compact Movable Shelving we can help you choose a filing system that is best for you: alphabetic, terminal digit, numeric, or our patent pending birth-date based system.

Compact Movable Shelving products offer maximization of floor space, improved efficiency/productivity, multi-media storage, customized to meet your needs, modular design, aesthetic finishes & more.



Our Services

  • improve your office ergonomics,
  • eliminate workflow bottlenecks,
  • decrease your folder or record filing and record retrieval time and,
  • save your valuable office floor space

Our Benefit

  • survey your existing office or filing system,
  • design an office, shelving, or filing system solution to fit your needs and,
  • make office or filing system product recommendations.